Back to work

Yay, to have found a job in michigans economy is awesome but to have found a job so far I am enjoying as an IT person is just spectacular,

I am currently in training for Tech support Level 1 at.HP, also I will only be dealing with corperate customers here, not the cashiers of a big doughnut franchise that don’t know a router from there frier.

Alas it seems only on my now fourth day this will be a good place to work.


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Life Has been interesting.. I Have been Fired for something I didn’t (did?) do, either way as it has been said I worked at a call center and they said I wasn’t answering the calls.. Eh.. I’m looking for better, I’m still in school and actually have a Final Exam tonight..

I Really haven’t been working on any of my projects as of lately… But i have gotten alot farther in Skyrim, I know drowning my self in a Video Game isn’t the way to handle this but its better then Alcohol or anything else,

Well this is my random update, Hey the Forums still back there if you want to hit me up.. heres the direct URL

or you can always Email me at: jacealvejetti at Y!hoo


Fun Work Quote

Had a guy call in from the hurricane zone, seeing as we were swamped with calls i had to triage him so an agent would call him back,

This is the convo, mind you the man has a heavy brooklyn accent

“So your telling me theres nothing you can do? Your holding a gun to my head”

“I’m sorry sir but…wait what?”

“Like i said it not like i have a choice youve got a gun to my head”

” thats an interesting way to put it”

“Well im not from one of those farm countries im from newyork”

“And im outside detroit sir”

“See were both from hard areas!”

Favorite quotes from work 8/13

Me”now plug your computer monitor into the server”
Client”…you want me to plug the what into the where!?”
Helping a client unhook a malfuntioning UPS/Battery Backup

Me”now that the server is off unplug the servers power cord from the beeping battery”

Client”ok…i am going to set you down for a moment”

I Hear shuffing then a pop followed by alot cursing, the client picks back up the phone

Client” I’m done I’m so done its over one hundered degrees in here, im screwing with electronics i know nothing about and non this thing just sent off a huge spark that could have burnt the entire building down, f’ it my GM will call you back”