Fun Work Quote

Had a guy call in from the hurricane zone, seeing as we were swamped with calls i had to triage him so an agent would call him back,

This is the convo, mind you the man has a heavy brooklyn accent

“So your telling me theres nothing you can do? Your holding a gun to my head”

“I’m sorry sir but…wait what?”

“Like i said it not like i have a choice youve got a gun to my head”

” thats an interesting way to put it”

“Well im not from one of those farm countries im from newyork”

“And im outside detroit sir”

“See were both from hard areas!”

I Tipped my King in the Wrong Direction..

So after guessing over 1 million passwords in 15 hours I decided to install backtrack on the desktop and let it whack at it instead.. it has a higher grade CPU 3.2 dual core compared to 2.0 dual, more memory 6 gb compared to 4 gb but the weirdest thing is its actually doing a lot worse!

Where the laptop was running anywhere from 500 hashes on power saver to 1000+ on performance the desktop it only doing roughly 333-345 at full boat

I’ll look into it more tommorow but hopefully this isn’t a trend..

Tipping the Black Hat, with Backtrack 5

Today I played with Backtrack 5 and “penatration tested” ,a buisness friendly way of saying hacked, my own Wireless Access Points I set one up as WEP and the other as WPA2 personal, the wep was done within about 15 minutes and it only took that long because I let it grab 30,000+ packets first, once I set down for the password it was done in seconds, the WPA I set up and deauthed my android cellphones wifi connection making it handshake a few times, the dictionary hack is still running, should this not work ill fall back to straight brute force


EDIT: As of 4 am the next morning the computer had cycled the entire dictionary with no luck, I set it up to use “John the Ripper” to bruteforce the password out, this started at 4:38 am, should it finish or not I’ll post back

Favorite quotes from work 8/13

Me”now plug your computer monitor into the server”
Client”…you want me to plug the what into the where!?”
Helping a client unhook a malfuntioning UPS/Battery Backup

Me”now that the server is off unplug the servers power cord from the beeping battery”

Client”ok…i am going to set you down for a moment”

I Hear shuffing then a pop followed by alot cursing, the client picks back up the phone

Client” I’m done I’m so done its over one hundered degrees in here, im screwing with electronics i know nothing about and non this thing just sent off a huge spark that could have burnt the entire building down, f’ it my GM will call you back”


Well starting in Sept ill be in a Windows server class again, not that I’m thrilled about the windows part but hey its that I have to do to get my degree, and my cert, and its all that was left open..

A few other things about me I play Magic the gathering once a week with a few friends

If you looked at the pic/writing in the first post yes I have a daughter and I’m only 22 and I even have a second (daughter) on the way

I work in the IT feild on a help desk, and the calls do get interesting.. I may post a few random clips on here from time to time just for laughs,

I’m at the grind now so.. yeah shouldn’t be posting so im gonna stop now… TA!