So as perdicted Skyrim has taken over my life, I have it on PS3 and it is Amazing, graphics are awesome, storys is interesting, and eventhough I have heard about people having tons of problems I have only had my ps3 freeze once in over 15 hours of gameplay, bow mind you I have a first gen 80gb that is backwards compatable to it could be overheating..

Either way Skyrim is eating my life..

Wow.. Back up

After a fun night (sarcasm).. I forgot to power back on the halftops.. there back up now and fully updated, won’t happen again till next month sometime..

Playing with backtrack on the old laptop, built in wireless b/g, usb wireless b/g/n, pci express card b/g/n all fully support monitor mode and packet injection,

Currently as of 11/11/11 ALL PROJECTS ARE ON HAULT!!!


Maintenance, Random

Taking the site down for the night of the 10th of November, mainly server updates and rest,

Decided to make the third laptop a pentest system with BT5 as its one and only OS

Haven’t gotten around to putting debian on the i7 yet because I’m afraid of what ill lose on my Ubuntu system as I just got the toolchain setup for compiling kernels for my htc evo shift, and it was a pain to do..

See ya around

Ubuntu Is Killing Me

Yes Sadly it is true, Ubuntu Is killing me, What with the Complete Switch to Unity and Gnome 3, Even the Fall back to Gnome 2 It out of whack at least in my eyes, So I’m Going back to there Roots and returning to Debian, First will be in a VM (Virtual Machine) to make sure I can get everything or mostly everything the way want it Productively then should that work out will come the Productive switch Wish me Luck

Other Projects:

Haltop Ubuntu #Uno: This site, Random Downloads of Linux OS’s (Currently Debian, See above), Back up 1 Folding@Home

Halftop Ubuntu #Dos: Internal File Storage, UPNP Server, Back up 2, Guinea Pig for projects Folding@Home

Halftop BLANK #Tres: Nothing on it yet, May become Internal Backtrack target for Pentesting Needs

NSLU2 DEBIAN: Once Held My backups before The Halftop revolution, Torrents(unstable), Small Website (Proof of Concept), OUT OF COMMISSION