Email Server

Ok First try at Email server, all in a VM as to not screw up my working enviroment and not to say it didn’t work, I got lost, I got POSTFIX setup (I think) and dovecot (I think) My problem is once I get these in and setup how to setup users and get them connected..


I know this has nothing to with my x86 Router setup but so far I haven’t gotten past the drawing board with that one Its an idea I plan to complete at some point

So, x86 Router anyone?

Yeah you heard me in thinking of building my own router.. So far IPcop seems to bee the Router/Firewall/OS of choice, building it out of an old PC laying around


CPU 900mhz-1.1ghz cant quite remember, Single core though

RAM 1gb sdram

HD? 40gb pata I think, Yes thats IDE

Currently 1 Nic, 12-20 bucks per PCI for more from Ebay, though I need to check how many PCI slots there are in the PC


Any recommendations?

Zombie Plan of Action

Zombie Plan of Action (as talked about by me and My fatherinlaw Jim)

Prenote this Assumes my Family did not make it IE Wife and Kids, Also my Grandmother, Jim’s Mom did not make it

1)TAKE ASSET OF WHAT YOU HAVE!! Upon the event of a Zombie Apocalypse I Have access to the following, Hand-held CB radio, Katana, Multitude of small hand blades, Somewhat fire-able hand crossbow, (quite rusted but fires if forced), Police/Radio Scanner, Laptop, Clothing, 5 Gallon pure filtered water.

2)First Course of Action, Check Communications/Power, Basically See if you still have a phone/Radio to call anyone who could join my new wave of Survivors, Put on Layers of clothing, yes even in the warmth, cover all skin, a Bite will not penetrate say 3 or 4 layer of sweats of jeans.

3)Gather Recruits, Then I would Gather my supplies mentioned above and make my way down a few houses to a good Friend named Trevor’s, Hoping he survived, without knowing what he has I’m going on the assumption nothing but Alcohol, cause Trevor loves his drinks, I would gather him arm him with what I’m not using

4) Temporary Base #1, We would start to clear out the church across the street, It a stable brick building that was once rated as a nuclear Fallout shelter, Once clear we would blockade the Doors with Cars/large objects as there only glass,with a roof access from the inside of the building, Full Kitchen, should gas still be working we would set up shop here and Raid the Walgreen’s and Local grill all within 2k feet at the most from the base waiting for Jim to show up, Church Owns Full Size Van and Large enclosed Trailer that will become part of raiding equipment

List of Raid-able Locations in WALKING distance from BASE: Small Bar/Grill ,Large Grill/Bar, 2xGas Stations, Walgreens, Donut shop,Small Hardware store ,Pizza shop, Police station, Court house, Bowling Alley, Hospital outpost, Party Store, Residential Homes COUNTLESS

p.s. Jim shows up, YAY

5) Raid for Supplies, In this order we would raid Local Area, Walgreen’s (Food, MEDICAL SUPPLIES!) Police station (Survivors, Weapons, Armor, Clothes Secondary Base, Communications Radio) all else would follow separately

To be continued..

Comments and Feed back greatly welcome and appreciated


Have to give Credit where credit is do, I got the Idea from another blog:

I don’t know the person above and only found his site on an off web/google search