Man in the middle

So my sister calls me today stating her Chrome browser is showing a windows update page and downloading a file that her antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, keeps red flagging and sending to quarentine, this happened no matter what page she went to, Facebook, google, etc..

Burned a copy of her OS, WIN 7 home premium 64 bit incase reformat was inorder, grabbed my bootable kaspersky recovery usb stick,Packed up the kids and went to her house and saw the same thing, at this time she informed me her messenger, MSN, was failing to connect as well as her antivirus was failing to update and now complained of a bad blacklist, normally this would be a sign of a cracked or stolen copy of the antivirus program but seeing as I bought this for her and still have the key I knew this wasn’t true,

Rebooted her pc onto the Kaspersky recovery key and tried to update its definitions, that failed, I opened its internal browers and low and behold the same page came up.. then it struck me some one could be deploying a MITM attack either through her wireless router or her internet so either way I took her router out of line and pugged her directly into the modem, automagicly the problem was solved,

I updated the definitions and ran a full deep scan anyway with no Virus or otherwise found, at this point she has no need for the wireless AP so I left it out of line untill I can futher assert what happened either way that’s my interesting story of the day and as I said I trust Kaspersky, the rescue edition can make either the usb key or cd which is linux based, a complete plus in my book

I leave you with this

If two operating systems on the same computer of seperate origin( linux, windows, etc) experience the same problem its not normally the pc at that point but though for me 99% its not always the case

Hello Friends

Yes the Ad that on TV and radio, well Come to Find out its a Brighthouse ad about Treating customers more like friends, Yeah i call crap… none the less a full whois on

Bright House Networks, LLC
Bright House Networks LLC
5000 Campuswood Drive
E. Syracuse, NY 13057

Registrar Whois…:
Registrar Homepage:

Domain Name:

Created on…………..: Thu, Feb 21, 2002
Expires on…………..: Sun, Feb 21, 2016
Record last updated on..: Fri, Feb 03, 2012

Administrative,Technical Contact:
Bright House Networks, LLC
Bright House Networks LLC
2201 Lucien Way
Maitland, FL 32751
Phone: +1.4072155772

DNS Servers:

Register your domain name at



Loving my TF201

YEs another Praise post to the Transformer Prime, Though alot of people have had problems with them I seem to have gotten a good one, Working GPS/Wifi/BT stayed on Honeycomb to avoid the Current ICS 4.0 problems


SSH client, Check

WordPress client, Check,

All old emulators up to PSX, Double Check with PS3 controller compatability


Still no cracked boot loader or Ubuntu on it yet though besides chroot

P.S. I would choose old Pikachu anyday over thenew one, Fat and Huggable


Asus Transfomer Prime

I have recently obtained an Asus Transformer Prime, under the assumption that it would install Linux either over writing Android or as a dual boot, Problem is the information that was given to me was for the original Transformer not the prime.. though there is a silver lining, check this XDA dev thread: