Finals, Servers and Birthdays OH MY!

Well Thursday will mark my last day of class along with my final exam, For this I will be heading to school early to study as much as possible hoping to get the best grade as possible.. The Farewells after class is what I dread the most As the teacher has become not only a mentor this semester but a friend, someone who will put himself on your level with a smile,

There are classmates I will miss as well, One whos as enthusiastic about Linux as me and has helped me all semester with things on the servers, in turn i have helped him with his firewalls and learning SSH and VNC among others, Ezio whos real name I have never learned as he bare a striking resemblance to the Assassin from Assassins Creed, Ed, whos failure to show up to class for our project hampered us little but i under stand as he was sick. among others i have failed to mention

Did he say birthday?

Yes My Nephew recently had a birthday in which I bought him a Nintendo DS game, Bakugon? Seems I still the coolest uncle around as he simply laid all the other presents down and sat glued to the DS as soon as his parents said he could play it

On to Technical stuffs, The server is running GREAT!! I have four VMs on it and two that run full time, An access VM which is the only VM that has SSH access from the internet and has the highest firewalls, Torrent For all those Linux ISOs (Currently awaiting Ubuntu 12.04 Final 1 Day left), the Two others are the Backtrack 5 R2 and Windows 2008R2 neither of which I am using currently, the Host operating system Also runs Folding@Home 24/7 the CPU at 100% never goes above 52C thanks to the Corsair H80 Hydrocooler


Well when boredom insures I take to geekdom and this time as i am still slightly miffed with my server, Though currently it is working as expected with one nitch, the graphics card even when not in use is consistently sitting at 61-63 C, In the end should i not find a fix for it once everything is set up the Card will be removed..


Now (SQUIRL!) back to was i was saying In boredom i take the geek road and read or find something to teach me.. Today it is Python within the last, eh two hours because I’m a slow reader I have learned some of the basics and created this!


Jace@WesternKingdom:~$ python
Please give me a Noun: boy
Please give me a Verb: running
Please give me a Proper Noun: Mack
Another Please: Harry
Please give me a Number: 2
And another Number: 6
And a Third number: 19
This Software Code named Mack Is Version number 2 . 6 . 19 Released by Harry for running the boy


n = raw_input(“Please give me a Noun: “)
v = raw_input(“Please give me a Verb: “)
s = raw_input(“Please give me a Proper Noun: “)
S = raw_input(“Another Please: “)
V = input(“Please give me a Number: “)
Vv = input(“And another Number: “)
Vvv = input(“And a Third number: “)

print “This Software Code named”, s,”Is Version number”, V,”.”, Vv,”.”, Vvv, “Released by”, S, “for”, v, “the”, n


Not bad for having started on a few hours ago.. the code will run when pasted back in a .py


I have had the PSU and the system up for two days with issues here and there, heat, fan ports not working, software configurations failing,

Now Its 10pm Friday night and I have hit my limit, the software raid I set up in raid 1 has been work fine sence about 10 this morning, it had hit 90% sync rate when I reboot it the last time.. now Ubuntu won’t find /dev/md…

The only reasoning I see for this is the drives are two seagate 1.5 terabyte sata, these same drive me and my pop have been returning to seagate for oh every six months or so, thanks for the I’ve year warrenty, even on the refubs you send back!

The system is off, the admin is.. sulking.. tomorrow will be another day..


EDIT: The issue was that for an unknown reason to my the raid had been renumber from /dev/md127 to /dev/md0, after correcting this in fstab life is back to normal..

Well So Far..



The Power Supply came and After a few rough patches The system is booted and Installed with Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 with KVM and Qemu, Inside the two Current VMs are Windows 2008 R2 and BackTrack 5 R2,


After a few stress Tests the Site will be migrated over to it and installation with be 3/4ths complete, the other 1/4th coming when I get the rest of the 1.5TBs together, as Currently I Have two, ones going back as a Refurbs and the forth Dad has in use, Says he will clean it off over the next few days




Tomorrow will be a day of upgrades as atleast one of the halftops moves on in lue of a quad core 3.0ghz wiith 8gb ram, this system will eventually have a raid of 1.5 tb x4 with a 500gb boot.

This is a much need upgrade over the current hardware of dual core 2.0ghz at best with 4gb ram and one hd slot of 250gb, and usb 2.0 expansion drives.

Feels like I’m upgrading from the slug all over again, my project grow bigger and bigger, but what can you expect with a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM, and Virtualization entirely.

Why this begins tomorrow the final peice arrives, the power supply! At that point hell will break loose and I will lose touch with reality for a few days, servers may go up and down etc…

P.S. YAY!!!!!


EDIT, Well First and foremost found out the server hosting this site wasn’t running and was stuck on a boot loader.. oh well.. second it seems i may have to wait longer as the system I am inheriting might be put back in use as My Pops new computer is having motherboard issues and i offered him back his old, My new, system while we get it sorted out


Wish me Luck!

Well, Damn..

Well most know my laptop is my life line..

I Also have two Laptops Acting as server, one hosts this Site within a VM, the other is my Fileserver/Guinepig system, the HDD in the Fileserver is 250GB so attached via USB are two HDDs one 1.5TB and 1TB, the 1.5 is an admitted bad run by seagate.. this drive had alot of stuff on it including My most recent backups..

Sad to say this drive has chosen today to start acting up… Being a big Security Now advocate A friend of mine has lent me a copy of Spinrite 6 Should this work I swear in the next few weeks ill buy a copy.

Currently running off my I7 laptop this program states its going to take 30+ hours to finish, well worth it to be able to pull all the data off this HDD!

Steve Gibson should this work you will go from Idol to GOD!


EDIT: This did not work, Sprinrite does not seem to work on anything bigger then 500gb with its boot disk, this is a very sad mislead statement and from here on out i will be cringing every time they talk about it on Security Now..

History of the Western Kingdom

I Wrote the History of the Western Kingdom up for another RP, This Takes Place in the Dragon Kingdom Universe, Explained to a Female By Montog


It began years ago, in another dimension from which Jace and Zack and even Daniel emanated from… As you may or may not know time moves faster or slower depending of different variable that People may never notice, like this dimension compared to The Dragon Kingdom Dimension… Time here seems to crawl at a turtles pace… a year here is almost three there… give or take a month either way… but this is only a note…


When Daniel first met Mizuki she was or thought she was merely an elf… you know intelligent magic folk… she met Daniel as she was being attacked by someone or something… Daniel saved her and provided her safe escort to where she was headed, incidentally that was a small town bordering the Western Kingdom, the Kingdom that Montog had been overseeing since the death of its past ruler.


When they got to the town She and he went to the local Tavern, Daniel hadn’t fed in ages, as he’s known to do at times and had a few drinks, he got worse as the alcohol thinned what was left of the blood in his body, She wasn’t smart but she realized what he was and what he needed, she fed him, though when she fed him He learned everything, What she was who she was a decedent of all of it..


Daniel after she went to bed that night took a vial of her blood and struck out for Montog, Upon reaching him explained everything and handed him the vial, Montog took a sip then did a few tests confirming what Daniel had said, She not only was an elf but somewhere in her blood line was Royal Dragon blood, and she could be the reason an Heir had not been born to take the Western Throne, Montog came back with Daniel to the Tavern by morning before she ever awoke, when she did they sat down and talked this over, she was in shock she denied having anything to do with dragons, or Royalty, she stated she was a common elf.


Montog soon proved otherwise, he pulled out his black Dragoon spirit and handed it to her, it flared and the entire room vanished, when the room came back they were standing in a nest, The three looked around, Mizuki was the one who finally pointed out a now ruined shack “That’s where I was raised as a child” she explained, Daniel surveyed the area, they were not in a forest or even near one but high on a Mountain, in the nest he found bits of broken egg, Dragon egg..


Montog’s eyes softened as he smiled and spoke “This is where you were born this nest right here..” with that he reached out and too the Dragoon spirit back and they appeared back in the tavern, it took a little time but she accepted what she was and her place in the throne, on two conditions, One is Daniel would be her first Knight, and Two if Montog Would teach what she needed to know on being a queen of this Kingdom, Daniel at first refused stating he had other places to be, but Montog.. Has his ways of persuasion…


Over a few Years she learned and the people slowly began to accept her rule as Queen, though when word reached the North about her there was two Knights who weren’t pleased at all… Jace and Zack, Jace’s complaint was that there was only ever to be one Queen that was to Live, Breed and Die in the south as were the ways since time began.. Zack on the other hand Could not begin to fathom her bloodline being impure, nor that she wasn’t raised Royalty since birth, Jace Planned to take her down from the inside, now now no pun intended.., Zack on the other hand began to Rally Downworlders and other kingdoms to destroy her from without, neither of the two knew of the other decisions.. Fate you might say has an odd was of doing this even to the best of friends…


It was at this time Daniel had seemed to forgotten about his prior engagements and had taken a love interest in Mizuki, and her in him, They were Married and bore Child, Ryu, though with her still Learning and Him always keeping the land and knights in check, Ryu was left to the Nannies, Scholars and Montog for guidance… He got away with everything and got everything he wanted…


After a few years oh I want to say seven or eight… they bore a Daughter, Izzoyoi, Izza for short… Now she seemed to never leave the side of Ryu from the time she could walk, which only took a few months but you should know this… Years went on then out of nowhere Jace strolled into the Castle and straight into the Throne room, he cut down any knight who stood in his way with easy, The west you see was not a Physical Kingdom, but mental, Books the greatest library in existence is… was in that Kingdom they were all Magic users, Jace merely defected or nullified every spell and sliced the mages in two.. Though when he approached the Queen he saw Daniel, He hadn’t seen him since he was reborn… but there he was adorned in Dragoon Armor.


Jace Laughed, Daniel charged, there was a fight but not a long one, for Muzuki had learned within her Kingdom All Knights must obey her Command… even one as High as Jace, she ordered the fight to cease, Jace to Kneel, To Daniel astonishment Jace did everything she said, though he didn’t know it was all part of Jaces Plan..


Daniel had told her of Jace, the Bastard he was and that he was never to be trusted for not only will he take a mile from an inch but each inch in that mile is worth a mile itself to Jace…


She didn’t Listened, Mizuki Locked him up in the Barracks where he was to stay until she could contact the other Kingdoms, in strolling past she heard sobbing from that Barracks… JACE SOBBING!, She went to see what the problem was she found Jace in a very clean Barracks, everything had been cleaned from top to bottom, she sat and talked to him, He told her he’s not a bad guy, though everyone makes him out to be.. He follows orders day in and day out… Jace do this, Jace Kill them, Jace slaughter Women and children… He told her if he disobeys order he knows they will throw in out of the knighthood and it’s all he has ever known… The only truth he told her…


Mizuki released him against Daniels cries otherwise… and Jace knew he had an in, Jace and Mizuki began talking and getting better acquainted, slowly Jace worked himself into her everyday life, One day Mizuki and Daniel got into an argument of great proportion, at the end Mizuki ran crying to Jace, they ended up sleeping together, the next night Daniel and Mizuki made up and did the same..


The Dna Mixed thus creating Demon, the most unstable creation existence should have never seen, from birth Demons Dna was killing him, but it ate his mind first… he went Mad but being raised and accepted, it was a good mad.. Turning random people into chickens…it only killed one person… but it was at this point Daniel Figured out she slept with Jace, he handed her his Dragoon spirit and left the Kingdom,


She loved Daniel though over time she transferred all her love to Jace, and she bore him twins… Ace and Julia, Jace’s true Heirs and Demi gods… Each holding half their father’s power… it was also just prior to this; Zack had his first Born, Claudia… never one wanting to be beaten by Jace…


As they grew Ace and Julia, Julia became her mother’s favorite… Ace the Bastard son who would never live up to his father because of his mother’s blood… One day Actually Exactly one day, prior to the war, Ace slew Julia and in using a Ritual he had learned from an unknown source, he eradicated most of his mother’s DNA from his system replacing it with his sister’s part of their fathers…


The Next day hell broke loose… Zacks Army Reigned down like none other had ever seen before, They crashed the barrier of stone and Magic, Shattered Sound, Light and Soul, They destroyed everything, Daniel unknown to at the time to Zack was in his army, he ran through grabbed the kids and threw them in the one place they would be safe..


Jace’s Booze cellar, nothing could penetrate that from the outside once it had been locked, beside the man himself… By the time Daniel found Mizuki Jace was holding her Lifeless body, she had not only be run clean though the chest but her throat slit as well, Daniel Furiously walked into the throne room, making no heed to remain hidden “The almighty Jace Hovering over his victim THATS A FIRST!, WHAT DIDNT THINK YOU COULD DO IT YOUR SELF!? YOU HAD TO HAVE ZACK FLATTEN THE KINGDOM!?” With those words the entire castle shook violently then everything came down, suddenly from an outside view she could see the castle collapsing sideways it fell and with it took a giant tower, “that tower would be the greatest Magic Academy and Library that existence ever knew..”



Slowly the armies retreated as there were no signs of life in the kingdom time seemed to speed through a few months until it zoomed into a ruined corridor and a door was pushed open, from the door emerged Ryu then Ace and finally Izza, they seemed to dig through the wreckage, they found Mizuki’s body and buried it, Though Jace and Daniel they didn’t find.. From there the story ended and everything went blank…


No one Know How Jace or Daniel got out of the Castle… Julia has no recollection of her brother killing her or chooses to ignore it… Demon died shortly before the war… but not before a stroke of brilliance, he stole and hid a piece of Zacks All creation staff… Ghosts of the Mages still walk the grounds and sub floors of the Castle and mage academy…