Slowpoke Moment

Ok I had never gotten rid of my PS2 and now that I have Traded my Fat PS3 for a slim so i didn’t have to worry about the Heat issue anymore, I broke out the PS2 and modded it once more, FreeMCBoot style, Now

My mind comes across the Idea that my PS2 is old and not wanting to put unheeded wear on the drive laser or Motor I decided to take

My wifes game and copy it to the PS2’s internal HD that I had left over from FFXI 40GB IDE and haven’t updated it yet as i can’t find another that fits sony’s stupid plug.. none the less it works

Servers and Primes

Tonight was well spent.

I helped get my Pops HotRod computer back up and running and also now have a working installation of Ubuntu 12.04 on my Asus Transformer Prime. Though not quick its another feather in the cap of “yup put ‘full’ linux on it” as normally I put linux on the game systems..

Well being able to dual boot is nice but I need a bigger and faster micro sd card if I want it truely useable.

Tommorows goals:

Get unity in prime replaced with another Window manager,

Put Ubuntu in Pops Computer

Don’t forget is there for anyone to use, I’m normally sitting in #Island from 10-10 est


Time Flies and There ain’t no rest for the Wicked

So I haven’t had time to work on the x86 Router though the system works all it takes it working the  OS into it and rewiring the Computer into the place of the of my router, but with life nothing is ever easy

The server on the other hand Is running like a boss!

Base system 2.8GHz x 4 EDIT: 3.0 x 4 Woops!
                          500GB Sata Boot Drive
                          1.5TB x 3 in Raid 1 with  Spare for fail over
UPNP server Media Server in Base system as Media is stored on Raid

Torrent VM for Linux Iso’s 500GB VM on Raid
Access VM loaded with firewalls and such, the only way to access the system from the net as well 20GB on Boot Drive

All Logins are Passwordless and set up with SSH keys over a VPN Tunnel

The site still runs from A HalfTop in a VM of its own as I don’t want to “Fix What’s not Broken” seeing as currently it runs only a very tech blog and nothing else its 1.8 x 2 with 4GB handles it just fine..

Just an update

So I passed Security + with a B+, now studying for the exam which costs $276, besides that my two latest reanimated projects are the Vpn server and x86 router,

The router project is back that’s to my pops donation of a working powersupply for my old 3.2 dual core full specs are:

3.2ghz dual core
6gb ram though mother board will only allocate around 5gb
I have pulled all hdds out of it as I plan to run it from a flashdrive,
1000 watt power supply, again donated from my pop
No video card, current hang up as computer won’t boot without it though I stuck one in it to make sure the system works.

Current plan is to run ipcop on it unless/untill I find better

Now vpn, I have actually gotten farther as this time I can connect from within the house to the vpn server, but I couldn’t from the outside, this could be an issue with the laptops networking though as it has a bridge on eth0 which may be holding it open

Alas I miss class if anyone has the pleasure of having Dave Schafer as an instructer tell him I said hi

Being out of class I have a lot more time for my projects though..