Laptops back and there’s gonna be Trouble!

Well I know I haven’t Updated in a while but the laptop came back last week, I have updated it to the current BIOS, which is what fragged it last time, and Re installed my Dual boot of Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7.


That being said the only real reason I missed my laptop was for gaming, EVE, CIV 5, etc.. other then that, thanks to a member on XDA (lilstevie) my Prime ran Ubuntu, which did what I needed and VNC into a XP Virtual Machine on the server if I needed Windows, once in the time it was gone.


Still Unemployed by trying to get a Job, So wish me luck

Killed the Laptop

So I somehow Semi-Fragged the Bios in my QuadCore Laptop, and the only thing I can see that would cause it is my multipleĀ installationsĀ of Linux, and screwing with Grub to work with Uefi..

I Can Access Bios but not save Changes, and Cannot access the Boot Menu to select a boot device, I also cannot flash the bios.

It has to by shippped to Texas for repair.

Thank goodness for the Prime.