Tunneling SSH though SSH

Sitting in Class I was in Need of an .ISO (BackTrack) That was behind my Firewall which I have access to via ssh and when on the intranet I access the File server via ssh aswell, so what I needed to do was Tunnel ssh via ssh after a quick web search I found a way to do so on this site:


which simply states to use(edited for my file server use):

ssh -fN -L 9500:my.fileserver.machine:22 myfirewalllogin@the.firewall.machine

This will create a ssh tunnel in the background through the firewall machine and maps my file server machine’s ssh port (22) to my localhost’s port 9500 (can be any higher ports).

Now I can access my File server either through a terminal using:

ssh -p 9500 myfileserverlogin@localhost

or using nautilus’s connect to server or other tools to transfer files.

New Tablet and Pondering the Times

Well after a Tip off on XDA, I learned that due to all the Issues the TF201 Prime was having (Wifi signal quality, Bluetooth signal Quality, Internal GPS never working) that Best Buy was Swapping them out for the New Sibling the TF700T Infinity, Out of pocket I paid around Ten dollars for shipping on the Dock as they didn’t have one in store.


Now lately with the government tearing down Download sites, Striking fear into other File sharing and Upload sites has had me thinking, Why not return to the Days of FTP? or similar? FTPS combines the Encryption of SSL, SFTP Uses the Encryption of SSH, so why not return to IRC channel lists of FTP sites maybe along with the list will be ssh keys or ssl certs?