My Opinion of Windows 8

The Operating system its self is not bad, Though I would like to see the ability to shut off Metro in exchange for the “classic” windows look.

Beyond that, There were a few programs that I installed that would not work.

I Have taken the step back to Windows 7 for now and Virtualized my copy of Windows 8


Pros: Speedy,

New Visual Bootloader

Nice UI for the Most Part


Cons: UI is meant for a Tablet

No Current means to Boot along sides Linux

Major Incompatibility issues

Windows 8, Out for some?

Alright from what I have seen Windows 8 is not supposed to be released until sometime in October, not that I really care all that much, as the more that I learn about computer security the more i stay away from windows..


Not to say that the other Operating systems don’t have there problems.. but at least in my using Linux I can scan the source code for any back-doors or other holes in the code.


None the less Windows 8 has been released in a full 90 day evaluation from Mircrosoft though please note that if and when you get a full copy it cannot be upgraded or activated into a full copy so only install it on a Test environment or Virtual machine.


Also some Schools offer free software for Computer Department students, I’m lucky enough to be one of these students,


So I will be screwing around with Windows 8 for the next few weeks, I will be taking looks at it from all sides, from user to looking to poke holes in it so that before my family gets a hold of it I know how to protect them.