Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10

Since my Last post with Windows 8 I have since removed it and put back Windows 7, Windows 8 is now in a VM and running happily as I’m not impressed with it in the least I only boot it up to check the latest Vulnerabilities on it and to update it.

Currently as of Friday Oct 26 2012 Microsoft has a Give away under the addons page for Windows 8 where they are giving away the Media Center Addon for free, Me and a few colleagues have signed up for this and none of us have received any keys to do so, the time span has passed hours.

Again not impressed with Windows 8.

On to Ubuntu 12.10,

Ubuntu 12.10 feel and operates alot like 12.04 with some of the errors We were seeing (Dropping to login while operating, random reboots, etc..) fixed. Now what really disapoints us is the fact that Canonical Decided to take the Liberty to push Amazon down every bodies throats without an easy way to turn it off, There’s an apt-get remove command to remove it from the unity search parameter.

Still, Foul move Canonical.. Foul move..

My Favorites Ubuntu 12.04 for Day to Day work, Win 7 for Gaming.

The Forums

The Forums are back up and will stay this way until something else happens that leads me to belive they need to come down again, I have switched from vBulleting to phpbb3.

If there are any issues please Email me, jacealvejetti at Y!hoo

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Taxing Few Days

The last few days have been interesting with having the Tf700 replaced so I could get Nvflash setup on it using its original firmware then slowly without losing root upgrade it to Jelly Bean.

Ontop of that Ubuntu 12.10 came out after upgrading my laptop to it from 12.04 the GUI would crash leaving me with a terminal and a mouse when ever I launched Vmware which I need for class so as a result I have formatted the partition and re-installed it only to see ubuntu full of amazon ads.. this is horrible… so I am seeking alternatives.

EDIT: after posting this from my Phone I have fixed it up

New Measures to my network…

So as for my Security Class My Teacher wants us to “scan one of your systems for vulnerabilities” Being vague I went and tried to go out of my way for excellence, along with two children and a Father who is now showing interest in the subject, I have Implemented..




With these alarms should sound with less false positives, these could be Virtual Machines or Physical boxes on the network.

Long live the Penguin..