Raspberry Pi and a Movie Recomendation

So my Pi came in today and I have been using it since I came home from work, with 2012-10-28-wheezy-raspbian.img on it, 64 GPU ram dedicated. I made Vice C64 emulator Launch, SSH’ed into it with my Laptop and ran all of it updates, including obtaining and running rpi-update.

The movie I was talking about is Pitch Perfect, Its alittle Girly but If your a fan of Vocal Music like I am, and I thank my Choir Teacher for it, Its an awesome Movie.

My Story

I Have been In computers My whole life and loved them from the start, The joke from my mom was I was bottle fed by my Dad in front of a Computer.

My Father Introduced me to networking at a young age and within a year we had Cat-5 Cables Draping around the House,

When we Figured out we could share his Dial-up connection across our 10BASE-T network the World opened.

To quote The Mentors “The Conscience of a Hacker”

And then it happened… a door opened to a world… rushing through
the phone line like heroin through an addict’s veins, an electronic pulse is
sent out, a refuge from the day-to-day incompetencies is sought… a board is
“This is it… this is where I belong…”
I know everyone here… even if I’ve never met them, never talked to
them, may never hear from them again…

I Began to learn about How the network worked, come Fifth grade when my Elementary School got new computers I hooked them up for several teachers and nearly got expelled for it, I was told that students were not to touch the Teachers school computers as it was a Security Risk, Interesting..

I Was allowed to stay in school as it was an honest mistake and the Teachers agreed that they had asked me to set them up, beside the first one in which I had offered. I was offered a “Job” seeing as I came to school early, I was allowed to come in a boot-up all the computers in the computer lab(Pentium 2 or 3 with Server booted Windows 98), this gave me time to play on the School computers in which I learned two things,

1. The sound was Disabled
2. Each computer was Protected by a Bess,a web filter that blocked everything from Naughty sites and gaming(Neopets at the time), to legit research sites.

Each morning I would turn all the computers on and sit down at the first to boot up, one year I logged them all in in a generic account, the next I didn’t log them in at all, this would give me roughly fifteen minutes to a half-hour to use the computer and make sure all computers booted correctly, Now I wanted Music as I was in the Computer Room alone and wanted something to listen to, this was pre-iPod,cellphone music, and If memory serves even CD players will still a bit pricey.

I Sat down at one of the computers and started by looking for the Speaker next to the clock, No dice it wasn’t there.

I looked it up but Bess blocked anything that had the value of ‘.exe’ in it so I couldn’t find it at school, I jotted it down in a notebook and looked it up when I got Home I found out that it was located in C:\Windows\system32\sndvol32.exe if I remember correctly.

The next day wen’t back to school and started the computers again, this time looking for a run box, again.. No Dice the Start Menu had been locked to only the Power options if memory serves, Shutdown, Restart and Log off.

The My computer Icon opened to a jailed Documents folder that seemed to get erased at random intervals, I say random because it was never the same on any of the computers, some never got wiped others never had a file from the day before, and I say jailed because it was only in that Directory you could get from My Computer no higher,

With enough boredom a kid can accomplish anything,

A friend of mine had been showing me how to cheat on Neopets and get alot of neopoints, back then in Elementary school this was a big thing, one of the cheats was to save a copy of a webpage change a value and reopen it, This showed me the door and how to walk through it when using the open button on Internet Explorer it defaulted to C:\Windows It wasn’t Jailed, so I tried it I told it to go into system32 and open sndvol32.exe, VIOLA!

The Volume Properties opened, I closed it and went back to Neopets cheating.

The next morning I booted the computer while listening to one of the first music sites.. yahoo music? That one i don’t remember, I remember it took a minute or more to buffer in each song.

Then came the urge to bend Bess to my will.. Most of the Neopets Cheating sites, legit or not, had lude pictures of women on them or some reference to such material. and thus Bess would block them from being accessed or sometimes more annoyingly block an entire search page because of the Metadata, not that I know what metadata was back then.

Then came the original Break in Bess, What I now know is a proxy, well sort of, we were told to use Google to search for something and I came across a foreign site, Google offered to translate it in the search results, what I had found was a foreign porn site, and Bess in all its glory had let it slip on through, after playing with it, Google Translator, not my self or the Porno site, I figured out that If it set it to Translate English to English I could go to any site I wished without Bess intervening.

This Story may be continued at a later date..

This was my intro into wanting to be a Hacker, though not the Medias term of Hacker “The term hacker is used in popular media to describe someone who attempts to break into computer systems and cause chaos or destruction.” That is a Cracker

The True Term and Definition of Hacker “A person who enjoys learning details of a programming language or system”

Plain and Simply My Definition “A Person Who Makes a System or Piece of Equipment do more then it was ever meant to do, by which learning more about the system and/or Equipment”

My examples are my Video Game systems, Most of which have been made to run Linux at least once in there lives, Run it well is another question.

I am Fascinated by Hardware Hackers, The things the build, modify everything I have not enough skill to do my self, If your interested just look over a site called .


Raspberry Pi Shipped

  Your Raspberry Pi Order (OrderNumber) has been Dispatched
This is an Automated Email. Please do not Reply

IYour Raspberry Pi order was despatched today.

If you ordered a Raspberry Pi board as part of your order we are pleased to inform you that we have sent you the upgraded 512MB Revision 2 board to thank you for your continued patience.

We hope this upgrade is acceptable to you.

Your order has been sent to the following address:

(Address Here)

If you have any questions please email: RaspberryPi@rswww.com

Expected Delivery by Mail within:-
5 Working Days for European destinations.
21 Working Days for Countries Outside of Europe.

Thank you for your Order

RS Components & Allied Electronics.


Looks like i will be waiting about another month for it, so maybe it will be a good Christmas present, I don’t remember what I ordered with the board its self.. so we shall see. I originally ordered this around June so yes the Upgrade to the 2.0 board is much appreciated..

Free upgrade to Raspberry Pi V2.0

But at what cost?

I ordered this piece of equipment over three. Months ago and still have yet to see it, I’m glad I’ll get the extra 256mb ram if it ever gets here that is.

If I had paid any more for this I would be fuming that it wasn’t here yet but the device with case only cost $50 so I’ll continue to wait.

For my now V 2.0 Raspberry Pi

This is the schedule they sent to my email

Shipping between

Last order number shipped*
5th – 11th November

12th – 18th November

19th – 25th November

26th Nov – 2nd December

3rd – 9th December

10th – 16th December

17th – 23rd December

PS3 Folding@home finished

Today I loaded up My PS3 checked for anything new on the PSN store, not finding anything of interest I went to throw on Folding@home using the PS3s Life with Playstation.

It says there’s an Update to the program, Cool I’ll let it update, maybe its a new Version? PC is on V7 beta I belive so After is update I loaded the program and the following Message greeted me.

PSN cancels Folding@home

The Life with Playstation program has successfully concluded.

We would like to thank all of the dedicated Plastation 3 users who contributed to the Folding@home Project since 2007.

Please press the PS button to close this application.

My Jaw nearly his the floor, I have over two hundred and fifty units in this PS3 alone, let alone how many other in my first phat 80gb model.

I have no issues continuing to help Folding@homes research, My question is… Why does Sony?

Back to work

Yay, to have found a job in michigans economy is awesome but to have found a job so far I am enjoying as an IT person is just spectacular,

I am currently in training for Tech support Level 1 at.HP, also I will only be dealing with corperate customers here, not the cashiers of a big doughnut franchise that don’t know a router from there frier.

Alas it seems only on my now fourth day this will be a good place to work.


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