Merry Christmass

Hey Everyone, whoever you maybe, Just checking in.. got. A new phone, now running the Photon Q 4G which rock’s cause it has a keyboard..

I got Christmas off from work which really shocked me seeing how new I am, so I am off today and tomorrow.

The servers are running optimally, I will be performing an offline root scan sometime soon, Prof. Schaefer words about rootkits ringing in my head.

The Pi it bouncing between XBMC and debian. Playing with both.

The Transformer Infinity tf700, is on a custom rom, no longer cyanogen and custom kernel, also playing with the native Ubuntu.

Fire and Brimstone

My brother in law is in the hospital with CO2 poisoning after running two tube heater in a house with no ventilation. But he’s up and around doing better.

My sisters biological father is in the hospital after driving his car into the side of a house.