True Transformer, Computer in Disguise

After Reading up on the latest up comings in the Transformer Infinity (TF700) world I found something new, something beautiful..

Seeing as I have been at work and not keeping up on this I feel so dumb for missing it.

A True Dual boot option for my Tablet, That will not wipe the Internal memory.. Will not Destroy anything, and since I have an unlocked and Androidroot bootloader all else was childs play.

After following this guide and taking about an hour to get the ubuntu partition downloaded, I copied it over, another ten minutes for it to install, gave it fifteen gigabyte for its virtual disk.

I have both Ubuntu and my EXISTING Android installation available on my Tablet either one being selectable at boot time

Ubuntu has full working wifi and touchscreen with onscreen keyboard which is nice when I don’t want to have it docked.

Pictures may follow.

First #MiSec Meeting

I Attended my first #MiSec Meeting last Night, not quite what I expected.. In some ways better I.E. Not a hole in the wall with only three or four geeks as when I got the the Secured Facility last night there was already over fifteen people there, And more streamed in.

I’m starting to feel a bit out of my league.. I watch the presentations and only could keep up maybe half of them if that, Red side, Blue Side, The Art of Defense, I Understand in the Art of Cyber warfare the best Defense is.. Defense and LAYERS of it!

But again Last night after leaving had me feeling like a kid again trying to play with the big dogs.. and with work on Ten hour day there’s no time to get caught up with them currently.

Number Three


Are we having fun Yet? This is where I will Stop for now, Unless someone solves all three of these..