Server Migration and Wireless Fun

Having moved, the server and entire infrastructure had to be moved and adapted to the new home.

A day before we officially moved, I shutdown the server and took it to its new home, having internet service setup the week prior I connected the primary router, which had held fast the setting I had set up, connected the server and things worked. I hit the WAN IP, I saw the server, all I needed to do was update DNS and I was golden.

The new house unlike the old seems to have more of an issue with Wifi connectivity as I have a 1750AC router with 12db antennas in the basement with the server same as the old house, on the main floor though now the signal is halved what it used to be.

Nice thing is this house came pre-wired with Ethernet in nearly every room, including what the previous owners turned from a closet into a hide able computer/work desk area, this allowed me to pipe from the basement router to a converted router now access point on the main floor, also supplying a hub from the single wall jack for what ever I want to hard line.

Now I only need to put one on the third floor as it’s the same with the first two, signal on the third is strained at best.

Time will tell how many Access point I end up needing, Its been to cold to try sitting out on the back deck with a PC/Laptop.