Time Flies and There ain’t no rest for the Wicked

So I haven’t had time to work on the x86 Router though the system works all it takes it working the  OS into it and rewiring the Computer into the place of the of my router, but with life nothing is ever easy

The server on the other hand Is running like a boss!

Base system 2.8GHz x 4 EDIT: 3.0 x 4 Woops!
                          500GB Sata Boot Drive
                          1.5TB x 3 in Raid 1 with  Spare for fail over
UPNP server Media Server in Base system as Media is stored on Raid

Torrent VM for Linux Iso’s 500GB VM on Raid
Access VM loaded with firewalls and such, the only way to access the system from the net as well 20GB on Boot Drive

All Logins are Passwordless and set up with SSH keys over a VPN Tunnel

The site still runs from A HalfTop in a VM of its own as I don’t want to “Fix What’s not Broken” seeing as currently it runs only a very tech blog and nothing else its 1.8 x 2 with 4GB handles it just fine..

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