Modern Entry to a Story Long told.

I stood outside the train with a slight anticipation. All I knew was they were taking us, Kids, with no other place to go, or those who had been selected, there had also been for a time before the drafting started a signup but most who did signup did not make it.


But one, a friend named Zack signed up willingly without a care, the reasons were his own that I could only guess at, I had received a letter from him about two weeks later, at first I hadn’t the idea from who or why I had received it as all it said was:




Board the Train, You of all people will not regret it.


– Knight

So when the time came and they began drafting from the classes at school, a lot of students clung to their parents to which I have none or fled to which I have nowhere to run, Next thing I knew I was here standing before this sleek bullet train with others around me weeping, some fighting, others just in awe and silence, much like myself.


When the doors opened the men who came out, oddly dressed in what looked like a mix of medieval armor and military uniforms split us into different cars, their order not seeming to make sense, I was placed with a mixed lot, the train car wasn’t what you would expect, pads lined the walls, the glass was thicker, almost bullet proof if I were to guess, there were no chairs but one of the others, a classmate named Daniel found out that the mats could be pulled from the walls with relative ease as they were only velcrowed there.


There was four cameras that from there angles could be guessed could see the entire car. By now the doors to the train car had shut, people had gathered by their emotional status in the car, That’s when I noticed it. There were criers, those still trying to escape, the emo kids which Daniel had taken his liking to, But I was the only like myself. I was the only one standing as the car lurched forward, the only one looking around analytically.


It was then one of the escapees, Psychos I would call them seemed to break and make a dash for the door trying to pry it open then turned to me. “You’re in on this aren’t you?, that’s the only reason you haven’t said anything! The reason you’re not freaking out WELL FUCK YOU!” The Psycho, a smaller boy about five nothing still in his school uniform swung on me, connected with my jaw tossing me into the wall. When I got up the rest of them had taken to their feet and stood behind the Psycho, I spit out a little blood and looked at all of them. “First of all..” Slam another hit this time to the temple causing dark spots around the edges of my vision. I had had enough I straightened my head and looked in time to see the next fist already plotted trajectory for my nose, I moved my head to the side and with one hand grabbed his arm pulling it further past my head with the other balled it into a fist and drove it into his stomach, still holding his arm I swept his legs from under him and as he fell I raised one leg above him and let the heel of my foot drop into his chest causing him to cough blood.
I looked at the others for moment behind him and clenched my hands so hard my knuckles cracked “If any of you would like a shot at me as well now would be the time to do it, If not and seeing as no security has burst in to stop this I am here and until told otherwise the master of this car” to sign my own proclamation I kicked the Psycho in the head knocking him out cold.