Modern Entry to a Story Long told. Ch2

It was nearly seven hours we spent alone on that train, and even that is only approximate as all technology had been stripped of us before boarding. I hadn’t had any to begin with but when the train ran relatively straight for a time I would try to judge from the sun trajectory and the shadows the current  time, the problem with this was when I announced this fact the windows were blacked out and interior light were brought up.


They were watching us, and listening as well.


At one point I approached a camera and poked it only to get a large discharge of electricity from it that knocked me on my ass, Soon I tried it again with a different camera, same thing. ‘So..’ I thought ‘They want to monitor us.. and we can’t take any liberties to stop them.’


“Who here isn’t afraid of a little electricity?” I asked knowing full well they had all saw me end up on the ground twice. The Psycho rose and walked over quietly followed by Daniel and his small click of Emo’s. “Form a chain with your hands and if you’re not too disgusted spit in them to up the conductivity, Daniel when I say go grab that camera” I motioned to the far end of the room to the other camera. Daniel nodded and the line was formed but before just trying to short the cameras a second thought struck, the door should be electric as well.


“Bend the chain, You schitzo attach to the middle of the chain, after I say go you wait a millisecond and place your free hand on the door” He nodded slowly and prepared to follow the command.


Jace reach up, the closer he got the more he could feel the hairs on his arm stand on end, he looked over and met Daniels eyes and nodded as he was in the same position…




He grabbed the camera, the shock flooded through his body but this time as it had a place to go it didn’t make him fly, He felt all of his muscles constrict as it flowed through him and into the girl next to him, then he heard a large Bzzzt! and Crack as the Psycho touched the door with his palm.

Everything went dark until a slit of light appeared from where the Psycho was should have been standing, Jace unclenched his hand from the camera as even though it was no longer shocking him his muscles still resisted relaxing, He slowly made his way to the door, He nudged someone with his foot who only groaned. He looked out the crack, placed his fingers in the crack and pulled it apart exposing the dusk light as the sun was going down, the train was on a track well above the ground, over one hundred feet jace guessed as he looked down at the tree tops of the forest they were seemingly flying over.


Jace leaned out and looked ahead he could see the rest of the train then tracks for as far as the eye could see, then something else caught his attention, someone else was climbing out of a car about five or six ahead of his, making there way to the roof, Jace watched for a moment then reached out and grabbed the top of the open door and began to climb up.


“Where are you going?” It was Daniel he looked back at him for a moment before responding. “I’m going to see what’s going on and where this thing is taking us, Stay here and keep command while I’m gone”
Jace hoisted himself up and out of the car and up onto the roof..