Modern Entry to a Story Long told. Ch3

It took Jace a moment but he stood and looked up the train for a moment, there was a figured aways down it was wearing a long coat.. or was it a cloak? either way Jace now starting to get his footing he started forward, he looked over both edges slowly as he made his way, a misstep would end him from this height and he knew it.


When he got to the break between cars he took a deep breath and jumped the three foot gap, he misjudged the air velocity pushing against him and stumble, fell and rolled to the side of the car his hands sliding looking for anything to grab before he slid off and plummeted into the forest below


For a split second was looking through a window and locked eyes with a man roughly his equivalent in size dawned in what seem like a mix of plate, chain and bone mail who was standing at the window, only his eyes visible cold blue eyes, so familiar yet so distant, he walked to the door and it opened, brandishing a halberd the soldier boosted Jace back up onto the roof, before Jace could look back down or try to enter the car the doors shut once again.


Jace sighed and looked ahead the cloaked figure had made its way further up the train, Jace started forward again and at the next gap took a jogging start, bent into the wind and cleared the gap with barely a stumble, picking up his pace to close the gap and make up for lost time Jace broke into a run and started to vault the gaps.


When finally on the same car as the one he had been chasing it… He turned to face him.


“Jace Duke Alvejetti, You’re the first to arrive, though I shouldn’t be surprised, you came highly recommended.”


Jace stood and stared for a moment as the man, his back to the wind, the cloak covering all features but his immense size, the man was built like a nuclear bunker and looked twice as experienced.


“You know my name, may I have the… pleasure of knowing yours?” Jace said snidely.


The man smirked then chuckled.


“Mustang would be an accurate definition of you.. feral, small but built.. You will address me as Sir if at all”


Jace cocked an eyebrow in annoyance as he stared at the man for a moment, was this all a test, the man said he was the first to arrive, was he expecting more? and who had described him as a Mustang was it the same who recommended him so highly?


Sir.. are we to wait for the others, or is there something else to this?”


“That.. is up to you, Whats your gut tell you to do?”
Jace blinked, His gut? who spoke like that anymore.. His instinct told him to either fight the man or find a way to get beyond him to the front of the train, then again if this was a test of some sort it might be what they were expecting, but was that such a bad thing?