Welcome to FireZen, A Small Island in the sea of Data..

I am your Host and Admin who goes by many names even here but normally JaceAlvejetti

This Site is dedicated to Bringing people together to discuss technology and fantasy of all sorts, Me my self I am a Freelance server operator who is in school for Network Security and Server Administration.

From here you can check out my blog, the Forums, or pull up an IRC client and connect to: irc.firezen.com

If I am on I’ll be sitting in #Island.

Anything can really be talked about here* as I don’t plan to lock to the site to just one subject and ban people for speaking others.

I Host this from my home out of one of the halftops until the time, if ever, it becomes to slow to handle the load.

My personal interests are Linux, Console Gaming, and Console Hacking, I have Made my Wii, GameCube, PS2, PS3, and Original Xbox Run Linux at one point or another, and Originally started this Site out of a Linksys NSLU2, aka Slug running Debian.