Hello once again,

Seeing as work has been owning my life lately with training for a new client I haven’t had much time to post or work on anything, the few things I have done are as follows:

Rasbmc, Headless with speakers, controlled by my phone is now setup around the kids room for bedtime music.

XP VM of the server with RDP, for Wife to access things that need an older version Internet explorer without the hassel of teaching her to use various VM tools/programs.

Shutdown the IRC Server due to lack of use and to save memory on the server. Should it ever be needed it still there.

Optimizing the server though various tweaks, I found out that EXT4 can be defragged and it can improve performance, specially on larger file like the virtual hard disks.

Upgraded phone to LG G2 and performing tweaks/modifications to it.

In Gaming news, Yes not all my time is spent on my systems. I am playing Final Fantasy 13-2 when I have screen time in front of the PS3 (We got the kids the Disney Infinity for Christmas) and Final Fantasy 6 on my phone. with spurts of Grand Theft Auto 5 and TES: Skyrim mixed in on bad days..

All for now.

True Transformer, Computer in Disguise

After Reading up on the latest up comings in the Transformer Infinity (TF700) world I found something new, something beautiful..

Seeing as I have been at work and not keeping up on this I feel so dumb for missing it.

A True Dual boot option for my Tablet, That will not wipe the Internal memory.. Will not Destroy anything, and since I have an unlocked and Androidroot bootloader all else was childs play.

After following this guide and taking about an hour to get the ubuntu partition downloaded, I copied it over, another ten minutes for it to install, gave it fifteen gigabyte for its virtual disk.

I have both Ubuntu and my EXISTING Android installation available on my Tablet either one being selectable at boot time

Ubuntu has full working wifi and touchscreen with onscreen keyboard which is nice when I don’t want to have it docked.

Pictures may follow.

Saving the Prime and a Dungeon of Sorts..

Yes NVFlash to save the day not what? a week after it was achieved?, I was trying to Put Ubuntu back on my Prime and before I knew it I had thrashed everything, not only that the only help i got form the Dev lilstevie was, “fastboot flash boot boot.img” Problems he never probably thought of was I never sated i had a Back up of the boot.img, I did luckily but before i knew that i had Kill /system, /boot and others, to the point it wouldn’t boot luily the bricksafe that NVFlash created, After an hour of work and the Discovery that i indeed had a boot.img its safely working again


Now the Dungeon!


I’m taking another security class this Fall and this I would believe would entail Port scans among other things, My Idea is as such, on my phone, I have an IRC and web server that I will place on the off network of the class to be discovered (hopefully) but a few student, the Site will say something to the tune of “Keep climbing down the Rabbit hole and you may be surprised what you find” corny I know but But its the IRC i really want them to find, For I am hoping to have this set up on Day one of class and hope to see at least one other student log into the IRC before class ends,

IRC still available @

End of Line.

Loving my TF201

YEs another Praise post to the Transformer Prime, Though alot of people have had problems with them I seem to have gotten a good one, Working GPS/Wifi/BT stayed on Honeycomb to avoid the Current ICS 4.0 problems


SSH client, Check

WordPress client, Check,

All old emulators up to PSX, Double Check with PS3 controller compatability


Still no cracked boot loader or Ubuntu on it yet though besides chroot

P.S. I would choose old Pikachu anyday over thenew one, Fat and Huggable


Asus Transfomer Prime

I have recently obtained an Asus Transformer Prime, under the assumption that it would install Linux either over writing Android or as a dual boot, Problem is the information that was given to me was for the original Transformer not the prime.. though there is a silver lining, check this XDA dev thread:

Maintenance, Random

Taking the site down for the night of the 10th of November, mainly server updates and rest,

Decided to make the third laptop a pentest system with BT5 as its one and only OS

Haven’t gotten around to putting debian on the i7 yet because I’m afraid of what ill lose on my Ubuntu system as I just got the toolchain setup for compiling kernels for my htc evo shift, and it was a pain to do..

See ya around