Hello once again,

Seeing as work has been owning my life lately with training for a new client I haven’t had much time to post or work on anything, the few things I have done are as follows:

Rasbmc, Headless with speakers, controlled by my phone is now setup around the kids room for bedtime music.

XP VM of the server with RDP, for Wife to access things that need an older version Internet explorer without the hassel of teaching her to use various VM tools/programs.

Shutdown the IRC Server due to lack of use and to save memory on the server. Should it ever be needed it still there.

Optimizing the server though various tweaks, I found out that EXT4 can be defragged and it can improve performance, specially on larger file like the virtual hard disks.

Upgraded phone to LG G2 and performing tweaks/modifications to it.

In Gaming news, Yes not all my time is spent on my systems. I am playing Final Fantasy 13-2 when I have screen time in front of the PS3 (We got the kids the Disney Infinity for Christmas) and Final Fantasy 6 on my phone. with spurts of Grand Theft Auto 5 and TES: Skyrim mixed in on bad days..

All for now.


Life Has been interesting.. I Have been Fired for something I didn’t (did?) do, either way as it has been said I worked at a call center and they said I wasn’t answering the calls.. Eh.. I’m looking for better, I’m still in school and actually have a Final Exam tonight..

I Really haven’t been working on any of my projects as of lately… But i have gotten alot farther in Skyrim, I know drowning my self in a Video Game isn’t the way to handle this but its better then Alcohol or anything else,

Well this is my random update, Hey the Forums still back there if you want to hit me up.. heres the direct URL

or you can always Email me at: jacealvejetti at Y!hoo



So as perdicted Skyrim has taken over my life, I have it on PS3 and it is Amazing, graphics are awesome, storys is interesting, and eventhough I have heard about people having tons of problems I have only had my ps3 freeze once in over 15 hours of gameplay, bow mind you I have a first gen 80gb that is backwards compatable to it could be overheating..

Either way Skyrim is eating my life..