Two Years

Alot has changed since I last posted here,

Back then I was running the server on a 4 core with 8GB ram, the network relied on a SOHO off the shelf router.

Since then my network has gone threw a number of changes:

The main server was upgraded to a Dual CPU 6 core Xeon with 128 GB ram, I made the switch last year around this time to ZFS as my primary storage file system and wont ever look back at mdadm.

I had went through and made ‘compile cluster’ of three Gen 1 Raspberry pis running Gentoo, these ran relatively well but I never found a use for them outside of running AI battles of freeciv.

The above compile cluster was recently returned from the dead with a new batch of Gen 3 Pis all running 64 bit kernels. Two sit headless on a shelf operating my radius, dns and local ntp services, the third is my current workstation, and their shared portage repo. I also run Gentoo in a vm on the server ready to cross compile as needed.

The SOHO router started to over heat and shutdown, this was in the middle of a week I was working from home, I had just recently gotten the new server online and still had the ‘bones’ of the old one, Since then I have ran a few roll your own router distros:

4 core 8GB:
*pfsense wouldn’t boot
IPFire, longest and most stable for this run ran for more then a year without problems.

I also tested switching From my tried and true KVM to ESX as school would provide it for a year. After a month I changed back, ESX seemed slow on my hardware for all my Linux machines but seemed much more optimized for windows, to bad I don’t run windows.. I did how ever get Mac OSX to install.

Around six months or so ago, my wife’s father happened on a rack system that was getting tossed, the gentleman who ran it passed away and his wife knew nothing about it and just wanted it gone, he asked if I wanted it.

From that I acquired:
42U Rack
Powerconnect 5448 48+4 port switch
Supermicro ‘NAS’ server 4 core Xeon with 8GB ram (Upgraded to 32GB) with 16 2TB drives
i5 with 16GB ram

Dual Core AMD, cant remember the ram as I haven’t used it.

Since then I racked My Dual Xeon and the router, after having issues with the 4 core router, I decided to upgrade to the i5 For a router. as When I went to the ‘roll your own’ I started down the squid(av,cache), snort, etc.. route and it eats alot of ram if you let it.

i5 16GB:
IPfire again long run until a friend at work showed me..
PFsense, would run for a few weeks then suddenly loose wan/route and i couldn’t get it back without re installing this lead to going back to.
IPFire, around this time 114 was out and both the installer and upgrader had issues I decided to check out
OPNsense and have run it ever since.

Everything racked from top down:

Dual Xeon
Supermicro Nas (on the bottom)

Network topology changed aswell, given now with the ‘roll your own’ distros I can have completely separate networks I have and mainly for now kept with the IPFire schema:

LAN, for everything Wired
Wireless, Selfexplanitory
L I have three access points in the house now, the original 1750AC a gifted 1900AC
both running as access points WPA-Enterprise, using the PIs radius for auth, then
an old 600n for legacy WPA2 with a direct line to the internet and nothing else.
Excom, Servers and such

LAN can access anything and any of the three networks, but both Wireless and Excom(unicated) can only talk to the internet and themselves.

For now I will leave this as my update.


Hello once again,

Seeing as work has been owning my life lately with training for a new client I haven’t had much time to post or work on anything, the few things I have done are as follows:

Rasbmc, Headless with speakers, controlled by my phone is now setup around the kids room for bedtime music.

XP VM of the server with RDP, for Wife to access things that need an older version Internet explorer without the hassel of teaching her to use various VM tools/programs.

Shutdown the IRC Server due to lack of use and to save memory on the server. Should it ever be needed it still there.

Optimizing the server though various tweaks, I found out that EXT4 can be defragged and it can improve performance, specially on larger file like the virtual hard disks.

Upgraded phone to LG G2 and performing tweaks/modifications to it.

In Gaming news, Yes not all my time is spent on my systems. I am playing Final Fantasy 13-2 when I have screen time in front of the PS3 (We got the kids the Disney Infinity for Christmas) and Final Fantasy 6 on my phone. with spurts of Grand Theft Auto 5 and TES: Skyrim mixed in on bad days..

All for now.

My Pi Has an Eye


Hello once again,

As stated My Pi came has come in the mail and after (re)setting up an SD card and plugging it into the board it will take stills and video of decent size and bit rate.

Now comes the time to figure out how to either A make the camera visible/usable from another PC or see if I can host a website with the feed from the camera.

If I can in fact do both the end game would be to make it to where I can ship the video from the Pi to the web server (or call the feed from the pi to the server, either way) and display it on a webpage there by making a small cheap security camera and yes I know there are already pre-made options to do this but where is the fun in that?

If I can get both setup next would be to get a POE cable and run it to where ever I want the Pi to be and maybe make a weather proof case if its going to be outside.

This is also my protoboard Pi so maybe adding a motion sensor to capture images instead the security mentioned above.

That’s all for now.


Nix Ubuntu, Hello Debian

Hello again,

With all the controversy surrounding Ubuntu, from Unity and Mir, to the random changes to the their code disclosures, I have grown tired of it.

As of yesterday I have moved to Debian Stable on my Laptop, which is my main PC, the server will slowly follow, that will be a total of at least 7 PCs and VPCs going to Debian, not to count the 3-4 Pis that run it or XMBC depending on the day.

The day I can install Debian on my Nexus 7 I will be a happy man, That is the only device keeping Ubuntu.

Even Offensive Security changed from a Ubuntu Base on Backtrack to Debian in Kali.

On to more Random news, I successfully set up a LAMP server in a PI for my father, It’s currently running at 6.9% cpu used and 148/485MB of RAM and using 0/3744MB on a random 4GB Flash Drive. Before anyone says anything I know your not supposed to swap to a Flash but note the random, as in I have many.

Picked back up playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3ds, Along with Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Still playing EVE on the computer along with Civilization 5 which has found my renewed interest with is latest expansion Brave New World.

That is all for now.


Of Pi’s and Play

Hello Once again,

Lately I have been in a sort of Tecno slump, I havent really worked on anything Technological in a while, other than a few side projects with the Raspberry Pis, Of which I now run three, Five if you include my Fathers and Father in-laws, which I don’t as they do the same as number one.

Pi number 1 Is my Main media center PC with RaspBMC, It has been attached to my TV for over three months and only gets worked on when I blow it up, I.E. Over clocking and corrupting the SD card, Trying out and failing to get it to boot over NFS, Trying it randomly on USB.

Pi number 2 Protoboard PI, Havent worked on this one much, Runs one of the Debian Distros available, and has a protoboard attached, nothing built and no components bought besides the board and PI

Pi number 3, Kali Linux, Pentesting from a Pi, albeit slow this is actually pretty cool, Reaver runs decently, not fast by any means but I am looking for improvements, but as a dropbox this is awesome.

Both Fathers Pis are Currently Media Centers as well though My Pops may be re-purposed into a small web server as after the death and rebirth of the server I have not been able to get the three nics to coöperate nicely since..


Raspberry Pi Shipped

  Your Raspberry Pi Order (OrderNumber) has been Dispatched
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IYour Raspberry Pi order was despatched today.

If you ordered a Raspberry Pi board as part of your order we are pleased to inform you that we have sent you the upgraded 512MB Revision 2 board to thank you for your continued patience.

We hope this upgrade is acceptable to you.

Your order has been sent to the following address:

(Address Here)

If you have any questions please email:

Expected Delivery by Mail within:-
5 Working Days for European destinations.
21 Working Days for Countries Outside of Europe.

Thank you for your Order

RS Components & Allied Electronics.


Looks like i will be waiting about another month for it, so maybe it will be a good Christmas present, I don’t remember what I ordered with the board its self.. so we shall see. I originally ordered this around June so yes the Upgrade to the 2.0 board is much appreciated..