Adventures in Geocaching

So Currently on a diet and looking to get outside more then stay on the computer. My wife brought up the idea of Geocaching so we went and looked for a few before going to lunch with my parents.

We found nothing during our first attempt, slightly discuraged we now had my daughters with me and went looking again after lunch, the first took us a couple miles down the road and was more urban then I was expecting:

It was hidden behind a sign cleverly using a magnet to hold, hide and protect the list of finders from the elements.

This was our first success and we we’re hooked, we took to looking for them all the way home.

We looked for another at a church, this was one we couldn’t find even after the hint.

Then our next strike, this one in a tree my eldest daughter found, nicely camouflaged:

Then we did a few what I think are called “park and grabs”:

The first one my youngest found, the second the eldest again found knowing where to look, we signed them all, you know who to look for, we are Firezen.

Compile Cluster

As I mentioned in the previouse post, years ago I had a small three first generation raspberry pi b gentoo cluster. It ran an out of the box bootable image and while compiling on a single pi was slow, I remeber ffmpeg taking around twenty four hours to compile, after getting them setup with distcc it was remarkably faster, four hours compared for ffmpeg.

I decided to recreate this for a time with my assortment of seven raspberry pi 3/3b+’s I nabbed an image of gentoo 64bit for the raspberry pi and set to work.

The resulting setup was six nodes basically just compiling and one master which I used as a guinee pig, I did try to compile glusterfs again but ran into the same gentoo issue I did prior where one node wouldnt connect to another, mariadb works but now that I have the Database cluster virtualized I didnt see a point.

I tried recreating another project from back then by having each install freeciv for ai games but when I grabbed a few “Huge Earth” maps each claimed my version was to new and the map wouldn’t work.

Likely next will be me dissasembling it all and turning most of them into security cameras or camera hubs for multiple cameras.


After attempting V2 on the Pi-cluster that was originally here, this idea has been migrated to my full time server in a 3 webserver x 3 Database cluster.


I plan to work on other projects on the Pis in the future, one of which is reviving my old compile cluster from years ago, where I had 3 generation 1 pis running gentoo compile using distcc, the compile times weren’t bad I wonder how six or seven pi 3/3B+s will fair.


all for now.