Like the Phoenix..

Ello again,

After a semi raid failure, and issues from that lead to the boot drive being wiped The site is alive once again, risen once again from the ashes..

On the 13th of December one of the raid drives, The lot of 1.5 Terabyte drives that even Seagate admitted to me they had issues with, up and died in complicity, no motor, and on boot BIOS stated SMART failure.

This lead to me borrowing/stealing my fathers PC, piecemealing the raid back together, thank goodness for software raids, and buying a new line of 3TB drives for the server.


After getting the Server back online, Dads system running the old raid with a spare which didn’t last long as one of my two drives failed and ran degraded as we pulled the data off, we mined through the night to get the data off, using SSH this was going to take DAYS.. untill i did some reasearch.


The reason it was going to take so long was the overhead from the default encryption SSH2 uses which is pretty secure, something I didn’t need as we were not going over the net but only working on a local LAN, I found online how to turn down the encryption standard, fed that into rsync and it took about 4-8 hours (from what I recall) to transfer around 2TB worth of data which is a lot better than the original estimate of 72-150.


None the less I got it running up until Jan 6th when another of the new 3TB smart failed and downed the server. a quick swap, an overnight rebuild and the server has run since.


The question I have is, Is my computer killing the drives? or have Seagate drives taken a turn for the worse, thus the lower warranties?

Learning by Being a Teacher…

I know I always say thing but I haven’t posted lately so here I am.

So nothing’s really new, I have the Nexus 7 2013, Motorola Photon Q, I am in class learning Java which is interesting.

Most interesting in the past months I have taken on not only a friend but a mentee at work and started teaching him linux and servers and such. At first I wasn’t sure he was serious until the day after we started talking he came in with a Raspberry pi of his own, from there we have done many things and he has learned much, but what I always forget is how much I remember and learn when teaching someone else..

Well have fun and if you ever get the chance to teach someone something you know, Take it as you never know what a new pair of eyes may teach you

My Pi Has an Eye


Hello once again,

As stated My Pi came has come in the mail and after (re)setting up an SD card and plugging it into the board it will take stills and video of decent size and bit rate.

Now comes the time to figure out how to either A make the camera visible/usable from another PC or see if I can host a website with the feed from the camera.

If I can in fact do both the end game would be to make it to where I can ship the video from the Pi to the web server (or call the feed from the pi to the server, either way) and display it on a webpage there by making a small cheap security camera and yes I know there are already pre-made options to do this but where is the fun in that?

If I can get both setup next would be to get a POE cable and run it to where ever I want the Pi to be and maybe make a weather proof case if its going to be outside.

This is also my protoboard Pi so maybe adding a motion sensor to capture images instead the security mentioned above.

That’s all for now.


Nix Ubuntu, Hello Debian

Hello again,

With all the controversy surrounding Ubuntu, from Unity and Mir, to the random changes to the their code disclosures, I have grown tired of it.

As of yesterday I have moved to Debian Stable on my Laptop, which is my main PC, the server will slowly follow, that will be a total of at least 7 PCs and VPCs going to Debian, not to count the 3-4 Pis that run it or XMBC depending on the day.

The day I can install Debian on my Nexus 7 I will be a happy man, That is the only device keeping Ubuntu.

Even Offensive Security changed from a Ubuntu Base on Backtrack to Debian in Kali.

On to more Random news, I successfully set up a LAMP server in a PI for my father, It’s currently running at 6.9% cpu used and 148/485MB of RAM and using 0/3744MB on a random 4GB Flash Drive. Before anyone says anything I know your not supposed to swap to a Flash but note the random, as in I have many.

Picked back up playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3ds, Along with Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Still playing EVE on the computer along with Civilization 5 which has found my renewed interest with is latest expansion Brave New World.

That is all for now.


Of Pi’s and Play

Hello Once again,

Lately I have been in a sort of Tecno slump, I havent really worked on anything Technological in a while, other than a few side projects with the Raspberry Pis, Of which I now run three, Five if you include my Fathers and Father in-laws, which I don’t as they do the same as number one.

Pi number 1 Is my Main media center PC with RaspBMC, It has been attached to my TV for over three months and only gets worked on when I blow it up, I.E. Over clocking and corrupting the SD card, Trying out and failing to get it to boot over NFS, Trying it randomly on USB.

Pi number 2 Protoboard PI, Havent worked on this one much, Runs one of the Debian Distros available, and has a protoboard attached, nothing built and no components bought besides the board and PI

Pi number 3, Kali Linux, Pentesting from a Pi, albeit slow this is actually pretty cool, Reaver runs decently, not fast by any means but I am looking for improvements, but as a dropbox this is awesome.

Both Fathers Pis are Currently Media Centers as well though My Pops may be re-purposed into a small web server as after the death and rebirth of the server I have not been able to get the three nics to coƶperate nicely since..


Love Virtual Machines and Hypervisors


As anyone who checked recently knows I had a HDD failure where My servers Operating system Hard Drive Failed, The Bios would not even recognize the drive being plugged in, So I figured i would be down for a while and set up a small web server in one of my Raspberry Pi’s.

What I did not know was how cheap mechanical Hard drives had become over the last year or so, The boot drive was a 500GB and well within warranty, so I had already planned to send it back to get it repaired/replaced, on a off trip to a local computer store I checked the price for another drive($64 and change) in the mean time and bought it on sight.

Seeing as with most of my recent servers I have switched to running different services in separate VMs I.E.: This Webserver in one, The IRC server in another, etc…

So Once I had the server back up bringing the services up was cake, just load each VM from the most current backup and were back where we were.

Feels good to have a decent back up stratagy.


Virus Scare leads to new Beginnings


Much as the title reads My computer(win 7 boot) started acting strange though no matter how much I scanned it and with(MS Defender Offline, Kaspersky Rescue and Clam AV which ran from my Dualboot of Ubuntu) everything came up clean.

By strange I mean things like device manager erroring out, other random errors that just made it seem like the system was compromised, so I pulled out a Ubuntu boot stick and wiped the drive with ‘shred -z’ which overwrote the drive three times before overwriting it with straight zeros.

After that I decided it was time to learn Windows 8 as I am the go to IT person for my and my wifes family, and staying behind the curve wont do me any good. So I Grabbed my copy of Win 8 and stuck it in, installed it, placed my antivirus, and could not get the system to update for the life of me.

Research, Madness and multiple computer threats later, I happened apon a page from my google search that stated if you have something, In my case my router, filtering active x to turn it off, Windows 8 will not update if you filter Active X, which has always been enabled in my Router and never caused an Issue in Win 7, never the less after disabling it Windows 8 updated and allowed me to install Media center.

That was Just Windows, I plan to install Kali Linux as well and see how it pans out as a daily driver as apposed to my old setup of Win/Ubuntu/BackTrack, If Kali will function as I need it to Ubuntu will go to the way side, With Kali I also plan to look into using an encrypted LVM to store it.

This is all for now,